11 Fantastic Things To Do In Minneapolis In March

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11 Fantastic Things To Do In Minneapolis In March

The warmer weather is on its way!

It’s almost spring time, so that means it’s time to enjoy warmer weather and more daytime activities. We still have a few more weeks of winter to get through before spring really blooms, but in the meantime, we’ve got a list of fun things to do in the city that we think you’ll really enjoy. From unique dining experiences to open-air concerts set in a garden, to our top pizza places, here’s a few things to do in March.

1. Enjoy A Unique Culinary Experience With Dining In The Dark 

Amplify your tastebuds with a unique culinary experience right here in Minneapolis. Dining in the Dark allows you to dine with friends in pitch darkness, meaning your sense of smell and taste skyrocket to appreciate your expertly crafted meal in a unique and new way. Tickets are going fast so don’t wait to book yours.

2. . Try Wild Vegan Meats At America’s First Vegan Butcher 

Did you ever think that foods like mozzarella, queso dip, meatball sandwiches, or steak could be made completely dairy and meat-free? Now there’s no excuses if you’d really like to try your hand at vegan food because the Herbivorous Butcher has got you covered. Order a la carte, or pre-made sandwiches for take away to enjoy at home.

3. Enjoy These Dazzling Candlelight Concerts This Spring

Enjoy classical music from Vivaldi and Beethoven with these enchanting candlelight concerts, set in some of Minneapolis’ most historic venues. Listen to renditions of infamous classic composers from Minneapolis’ reinvented theater from the silent era, the Granada Theater, or river-side at the Leopold Mississippi Gardens open-air concerts while surrounded by dazzling candlelight.

4. Experience Rome Right From The Minneapolis Mall of America

You can now get up close and personal with one of the most stunning works of art in history. Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel is now an exhibit at the Minneapolis Mall of America. Through April 4th, walk along corridors aligned with canvases premiering Michelangelo’s frescoes, closer than you could get at the Sistine Chapel. And since travel is still not really a thing, this opportunity is something you won’t want to miss.

5-10. Try These Delicious Pizzerias

Literally every month is a good month for pizza, so go ahead and make a stop at one of Minneapolis’ most delicious pizzerias. At Pizzeria Lola’s, you can try Gochujang-marinated Chicken pizza or a Korean BBQ inspired one. Wrecktangle Pizza is doing its own spin on Detroit-style.


11. Visit the Walker Museum For Free On Thursdays

The Walker Art Museum reopened last month with new exhibits exploring Minneapolis’ contemporary and disciplinary artists. You can spend Thursdays at the museum with their free Thursday events or their First Free Saturdays, where every first Saturday of the month is free. Don’t miss out on the chance to spend time around cool people, rad art, all in a safe way.


[featured image by Joshmeitz via Instagram]

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