Tickets To Minneapolis’ Unique ‘Museum Of Failure’ Are Now On Sale

Wassim Abdul Khalek Wassim Abdul Khalek

Tickets To Minneapolis’ Unique ‘Museum Of Failure’ Are Now On Sale

You can now get tickets to this one-of-a-kind ‘Museum of Failure’ coming to Minneapolis this November!

Not your conventional Instagram pop-up, although there are plenty of snap-worthy moments for all ages. This unique ‘Museum of Failure’ is coming to Minneapolis this November and it encourages its visitors to come away from the experience having the courage to take on their ambitions, unafraid to fail.

Every item that will be displayed at this fascinating exhibition provides insight into the risky business of innovation. The Google Glass (2013-2014), one of the items that will be highlighted, was a product that Google created in the hopes of paving the way for the development of ‘smart glasses’ and improving the end consumer’s life. Despite all the hype and potential the product had, the Google Glass dream was shattered and you’ll learn why at this insightful museum!

Other failed products that will be showcased at this exhibition are from huge companies like Amazon, Facebook, Coca-Cola, etc..

And tickets for the fascinating museum have just been released to the public!

The ‘Museum of Failure’ is curated by Dr. Samuel West, a licensed psychologist with a PhD in organizational psychology. Specifically, he focuses on how accepting failure and encouraging experimentation can create the climate necessary for innovation.

It goes without saying that the most important lessons we learn in life come from failure. The same applies to technological advancements, we wouldn’t have come so far if it wasn’t for the failure of certain products and services throughout history, and this unique exhibition is here to celebrate that!

Walk through this inspirational-yet-whimsical ‘Museum of Failure’ coming to Minneapolis this November and buy your tickets here!

Museum of Failure: A Collection of Failed Products

Starting November 2021
From $18.40
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