A Lord Of The Rings-Inspired Hotel In Spain Lets You Stay In Real Life Hobbit Houses

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A Lord Of The Rings-Inspired Hotel In Spain Lets You Stay In Real Life Hobbit Houses

A hotel inspired by the fantastical Hobbit houses in the Lord of the Rings is opening in Spain.

While heading over to Hobbiton in Matamata, New Zealand, might seem a bit too far an adventure, you can now travel to Middle Earth once you get to Europe (which may not be for a little while still, but we can plan for the future, can’t we?). And who wouldn’t want to visit one of the most iconic locations that Peter Jackson has brought to life on the big screen?

Visitors can now taste the life of the Hobbits without leaving Europe—all thanks to a brand new Lord of the Rings experience in Spain. Sitting in the town of Viveiro, in the northwestern province of Lugo, are some authentic, Tolkien-esque Hobbit houses that visitors can stay in, and enjoy the enchanting landscape while they’re at it.

Mi Tresoro, or My Treasure, has three semi-buried, grass-roofed apartments with space for six people each. They are bioclimatic, ecological and integrate perfectly into the natural environment. To complete the full Lord of the Rings experience, visitors can look forward to guided visits to fishing districts, ports, fish markets, brotherhoods and museums in the area. On the lake, customers may also opt for some recreational fishing, paddle surfing, kayaking and much more. Not a bad holiday, all in all—and certainly an easier ride than the poor Bagginses. There are no nasty Orcs or Dark Lords to fear here.

The idea was originally announced in February, with a view to opening over Easter. This, of course, was not possible due to the outbreak of COVID-19. However, Mi Tresoro is now set to open to Lord of the Rings fanatics this summer. Maybe American entry to Europe will open by that time too!

Find more information over on the Mi Tresoro website.