J. Morten’s Meats Is Opening Their 2nd Location In Minneapolis

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J. Morten’s Meats Is Opening Their 2nd Location In Minneapolis

A beloved butcher shop is getting its second location in Minneapolis for guests to enjoy Grade A Japanese and Australian Wagyu Beef close to home.

Here’s a dilemma: You’re in the mood for some high quality Japanese or Australian Wagyu, but in order to get some, you’d have to drive all the way to Hugo to get your fix. So it’s not too far, but just out of the way enough to make it inconvenient. Well, meat lovers will be happy to hear that J. Morten’s Meat Market, the modern market selling only the highest quality cuts, is planning their new location at 50th & France for Spring 2021.

J. Morten’s Meat Market is a family-owned business operating in Hugo that’s been serving up the highest quality beef here in Minneapolis that’s become quite a staple for Wagyu beef. If you’re new to Wagyu, J. Morten’s Meat Market has an excellent ‘Wagyu 101’ on their website. It can be intimidating walking into a butcher shop and not knowing what to ask for, but a quick glance at their guide can help lead the way. For those of us who are already familiar with Wagyu, it’ll be great having a local favorite even closer to the center.

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In stock, they’ve got their regular A5 Japanese wagyu, Kagoshima Ribeye BMS 8-10 and a Miyazaki BMS 8-10 with a new A5 olive fed wagyu coming soon. Plus poultry and seafood too that we can’t wait to try. Fingers crossed for a that Spring 2021 opening, but while we wait, you can browse through their Instagram which has a regularly updated feed of delicious, marbled wagyu beef.