Inside The House Of Balls, Minneapolis’ Strangest Art Gallery

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Inside The House Of Balls, Minneapolis’ Strangest Art Gallery

The House of Balls is a deep dive into the brain of an eccentric artist!

Described by its creator, Allen Christian, as an “open window to [his] life,” the House of Balls is among Minneapolis’ most unusual attractions. Christian, who creates art out of repurposed discarded items, is best known for the faces he sculpted out of bowling balls. A wander through the House of Balls, however, is a testament to the scrap artist’s many talents in creating with reclaimed objects from shovels to kitchenware.

The original House of Balls stood for 28 years in downtown Minneapolis’ North Loop. In 2014, it moved to a larger space near the Cedar Riverside LRT stop, the I-35W, and the 5th Street exit off of I-94. In total, it’s been open for almost four decades.

The new spot allows Christian to display much larger works, like the huge “Pedal Bear” that originally held bicycle and auto equipment under its belly. Also on site is the eminently Instagrammable “Wonder Why” trailer and the colorfully painted House of Balls truck.

A look through the House of Balls Instagram reveals both trends in Christian’s artistic inclinations and a relentlessly adventurous spirit. A series of carved out shovel heads gives way to graceful wire sculptures, with memes from Christian’s stash interspersed. For guests of the combined studio and gallery, Christian’s personable quirkiness is a big draw.

Reviewers attest to Christians’ excellent hosting and willingness to lead guests through his artwork.

The House of Balls space also now hosts events.

Allen Christian updates the House of Balls Facebook and Instagram pages with updates about new art projects and events held in the House of Balls space. Check both out if you’re planning a visit! Admission is free.

Find it at 1504 South 7th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55454.

[Featured image: House of Balls Facebook]