PHOTOS: 6 Local Photographers Share The Best Views In Minneapolis, And They’re Stunning!

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PHOTOS: 6 Local Photographers Share The Best Views In Minneapolis, And They’re Stunning!

Check out the most stunning scenic and skyline views around Minneapolis according to local photographers.

Photographers and scenic views go hand in hand. Photographers have a way of capturing a city’s character, its best angles, and its best skyline and scenic views. Since we’re transitioning into warmer weather, we asked a few local photographers about their favorite views around Minneapolis for your next weekend hike or walk around town. Here’s 7 stunning views around Minneapolis.

1. Sami Wunch: Hennepin Ave Bridge as seen from Nicollet Island

courtesy of Sami Wunch via Instagram

One of my favorite views of Minneapolis can be seen from Nicolette Island looking across the river towards downtown. From here you not only get a great viewpoint of the city itself, as well as the historic Hennepin Ave bridge, but you also get great reflections off the Mississippi River. – Sami Wunch

2. Josh Meitz: Boom Island Park

Courtesy of Josh Meitz via Instagram

Boom Island Park, this view point encompasses every beautiful aspect Minneapolis has to offer. The Mississippi accompanied by a historic lighthouse is a great place to watch the sunset over the skyline. – Josh Meitz

3. Josh Meitz: Stone Arch Bridge

Courtesy of Josh Meitz via Instagram
The stone arch bridge has also become one of the classic views of Minneapolis. It is a great place to run, bike and walk! I like it because of its familiarity and historic beauty. – Josh Meitz

4. Lee Cerier: St. Anthony Main

courtesy of Lee Cerier
I love shooting the nature that lives right within Minneapolis. Being alongside the Mississippi, the area around St. Anthony has no shortage of photo ops to offer! – Lee Cerier

5. Brian T: Third Avenue Bridge

courtesy of Brian T.
The iconic Third Avenue Bridge has to be my favorite view of Minneapolis. There are many ways to capture the city from the Eastern side of this bridge. It is a popular bridge for photographers to visit, so I am always trying to find new perspectives. The Third Avenue Bridge is currently under construction, and I have found that as an opportunity to find new creative, and ever-changing views of this beautiful bridge and city. – Brian T. Imagery

6. Greg Lundgren: Tower Park

courtesy of Greg Lundgren via Instagram
For Spring and Fall sunsets it’s hard to beat the view from Tower Park (AKA Witch’s Hat) in the Prospect Park neighborhood just east of the University of Minnesota campus. This not-so-secret location is the highest geographic point in the city of Minneapolis and provides an unmatched panoramic view of the city skyline in every season. –GregLundgren
7. Omar Ghrayeb: Lake of the Isles
image courtesy of OGee Visuals via Instagram
I moved from Miami to MSP back in October and on my first few days in the city I was welcomed with this view that only lasted a day or 2 at most. I’m glad I was able to capture this scene with the peak fall season. I then started visiting this lake more frequently for walks and to document the lake in different seasons. –OGee Visuals
[featured image courtesy of Josh Meitz]
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